Alentejo DOC


A region of rolling plains, the Alentejo has a relatively smooth and flat landscape that stretches across almost a third of mainland Portugal.

The only area that deviates from the standard in the denomination is Serra de São Mamede, located in the north. The region boasts a diverse range of soils, including schist, clay, marble, granite, and limestone. The climate is predominantly Mediterranean, characterized by hot and dry conditions with a strong continental influence.


The Alentejo region is divided into eight sub-regions, namely Borba, Évora, Granja-Amareleja, Moura, Portalegre, Redondo, Reguengos, and Vidigueira, grouped into three distinct clusters. Portalegre stands out as the most unique sub-region with its granite soils and refreshing influence from Serra de São Mamede. The mountain's steep slopes are home to numerous plots of old vines that benefit from a microclimate that confers complexity and freshness.


Borba, Évora, Redondo, and Reguengos embody the distinct Alentejo identity, characterized by a harmonious balance between freshness and fruit, energy and softness. On the other hand, the sub-regions of Granja-Amareleja, Moura, and Vidigueira in the south of the appellation produce warmer and softer wines from poor and dry soils where the vines struggle to cope with the harshness of the climate.



The white varieties include Antão Vaz, Arinto and Roupeiro, as well as the now underrated Diagalves, Manteúdo, Perrum and Rabo de Ovelha. The red varieties are Alfrocheiro, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Castelão and Trincadeira, as well as the underrated Moreto, Tinta Caiada and Tinta Grossa.


Images and descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal


Offerings from Alentejo DOC

Adega Borba Garrafeira 750ML
Adega Borba Premium Red 750ML
Adega Borba Red Wine 187ML
Adega Borba Reserva Red Wine 750ML
Adega Borba Rose 750ML
Adega Borba White 750ML
Adega De Pegoes White Wine 750ML
Alandra Red 750ML
Alandra Red Wine Box  3LT
Alandra White Wine 750ML
Alandra White Wine Box 3L
Am Manolito Red 750ML
Am Manolito White 750ML
Aplanta Red Wine Alentejano 750ML
Aventura Tinto  By Susan Esteban Vinho Regional 750ML
Aventura White  By Susan Esteban Vinho Regional Alentejano 750ML
Basilii Torre De Palma 750ML
Blandy'S Malmsey 5 YR 750ML
Borba Grande Reserva  750ML
Borba Red  750ML
Borba Reserva Red 750ML
Borba Reserva White  750ML
Borba White 750ML
Cartuxa Branco 750ML
Cartuxa Colheita Red 750ML
Cartuxa Reserva Reserva 750ML
Casa Santos Lime Rebelde 750ML
Chamine Red 2011 750ML
Ciconia Tinto Reserva Blend 750ML
Ciconia Tinto 750ML
Ciconia Touriga Nacional 750ML
Ciranda Red 750ML
Coelheiros Red 750ML
Coelheiros White 750ML
Convento Da Vila Red 1LT
Convento Da Vila White 1LT
Conventual  White 750ML
Conventual Red 750ML
Conventual Reserva Red 750ML
Conventual Reserva White 750ML
Cortes De Cima 750ML
Dom Martinho Q Carmo 750ML
Dom Rafael Red Wine 750ML
Dona Maria Grand Reserva Red Wine 750ML
Dona Maria Red 750ML
Dona Maria Reserva  Amantis Red 750ML
Dona Maria Reserva Amantis White 750ML
Dona Maria Rose 2021 750M
Dona Maria White 750ML
Encosta Das Perdizes  Reserva Tinto 750ML
Encostas Das Perdizes Branco 750ML
Encostas Das Perdizes Tinto 750ML
Esporao Alicante Bouschet 750ML
Esporao Aragones Canto Do Ze Cruz  750ML
Esporao Organic Red 750ML
Esporao Organic Wht 750ML
Esporao Private Selction Red 750ML
Esporao Private Selection Wht 750ML
Esporao Reserva Red Wine 750ML
Esporao Reserva White Wine 750ML
Esporao Touriga Nacional Vinho Do Badeco 750ML
Esporao Vinho De Talha Moreto 750ML
Eugenio D' Almeida Red 750ML
Fitapreta A Touriga Vai Nua 750ML
Fitapreta Branco De Talha 750ML
Fitapreta Tinto 750ML
Flor De Julia Red Wine 750ML
Fonte Da Serrana Tinto 750ML
Fonte Da Serrana White 750ML
Fresh From Amphora 1LT
Grous 23 Barricas 750ML
Grous Moon Harvest Red Wine 750ML
Grous Red Wine 750ML
Grous Reserva Red 750ML
Grous Reserva White Wine 750ML
Guarda Rios Red Blend 750ML
H.E. Monte Velho Red 375ML
H.E. Monte Velho White 375ML
Herade Do Sobroso Alentejo Doc Rose 750ML
Herade Do Sobroso Alentejo Doc Tinto 750ML
Herdade Da Farizoa Grande Reserva 750ML
Herdade Do  Sobroso Alentejo Doc Branco 750ML
Herdade Do Perdigao Reserva Red Wine 750ML
Herdade Do Rocim Touriga Nacional Tinto 750ML
Herdade Do Sobroso Alentejo Cellar Selection Branco 750ML
Herdade Do Sobroso Alentejo Cellar Selection Tinto 750ML
Herdade Do Sobroso Alentejo Doc Branco Reserva  750ML
Herdade Do Sobroso Alentejo Doc Reserva Tinto 750ML
Herdade Do Sobroso Cellar Rose 750ML
Herdade Dos Machados Santos Jorge Moura Premium 750ML
Julio Bastos Alicant Bouschet  750ML
Lavrador Vinho Regional Branco 5LT
Lima Mayer Red Wine 750ML
Mainova Milmat Branco 750ML
Mainova Moinante Branco 750ML
Mainova Moinante Rose2019 750ML
Malhadinha Red Wine 750ML
Malhadinha White 2016 750ML
Marcolino Sebo Colecão Caça Red Wine 6X750ML
Maria Mora  Reserva '13 750 ML
Marques De Borba Red  750ML
Marques De Borba Reserva 750ML
Marques De Borba Vinhas Velhas Red 750ML
Marques De Borba Vinhas Velhas White 750ML
Marques De Borba White 750ML
Marques De Marialva Red 750ML
Menino Antonio Alicante Bouschet By Malhadinha 750ML
Monsaraz Red Wine 750ML
Monsaraz Reserva 750ML
Montaria Red Reserva 750ML
Montaria Red Wine  750ML
Montaria Red Wine 375ML
Montaria White Wine 375ML
Montaria White Wine 750ML
Monte  Da Ravasqueira White 750ML
Monte Da Cacada 750ML
Monte Da Peceguina Red 750ML
Monte Da Peceguina White 750ML
Monte Da Ravasqueira Premium Red '12 750ML
Monte Da Ravasqueira Premium Rose '15 
Monte Da Ravasqueira Reserva 2013 750ML
Monte Da Ravasqueira Rose 750ML
Monte Da Ravasqueira Vinha Das Romas 750ML
Monte Da Ravsqueira Red 750ML
Monte Da Vaqueira Reserva 750ML
Monte Da Vigia Reserva 750ML
Monte Das Anforas 750ML
Monte Velho 1.5LT
Monte Velho 5LT
Monte Velho Red 750ML
Monte Velho Rose 750ML
Monte Velho White Wine 750ML
Montes Claros Garrafeira Red Wine 750ML
Morgado Da Canita Red Wine 750ML
Mouchao 2013
Mouchao Alentejo Red 750ML
Olaria Red Carmim 750ML
Olaria Rose Carmim 750ML
Olaria Suave Red 750ML
Olaria Suave White 750ML
Olaria White Carmim 750ML
Paulo Laureano Classico Red 750ML
Paulo Laureano Private Selection Red  750ML
Pe Tinto Esporao Red 750ML
Pera Manca Red Wine 
Pera Manca White Wine 750ML
Pera-Grave Red 750ML
Pera-Grave Reserva 750ML
Piteira Talha Red 750ML
Piteira Talha White 750ML
Porta Da Ravessa Red 750ML
Porta Da Ravessa Reserva Red 750ML
Porta Da Ravessa Reserva White 750ML
Porta Da Ravessa White Wine 750ML
Portalegre Doc Red 750ML
Portalegre Doc White 750ML
Portas Da Herdade Red 750ML
Portas Da Herdade Reserva Red 750ML
Portas Da Herdade Selecao Dos Enologos 750ML
Portas Da Herdade White 750ML
Porto 1963 Messias 750ML
Qp. Aragones Alentejano  750ML
Qp. Colheita Selccionada 750ML
Qp. Syrah Alentejano 750ML
Qp. Touriga Nacinal Alentejano 750ML
Quinta Da Fonte Souto Red 750ML
Quinta Da Fonte Souto Vinha Do Souto 750 ML
Quinta Do Fonte Souto 17 White 750 ML
Real Lavrador Red 750ML
Reguengos Garrafeira Dos Socios Red Wine
Reguengos Red Wine 750ML
Rocim Amphora Tinto 750ML
Rocim Fresh From Amphora White 1LT
Rocim Mariana Branco 750ML
Rocim Mariana Rose 750ML
Rocim Mariana Tinto 750ML
Sao Miguel Sul Red Wine 750ML
Talhas De Borba Red 750ML
Tapada De Coelheiros Red 750ML
Terras De Monsaraz Colheita Selecionada 750ML
Terras Del Rei Red Wine 1LT
Torre De Palma Arinto-Alvarinho 750ML
Torre De Palma Red 750ML
Torre Do Esporao 750ML
Toutalga Red 750ML
Trinca Bolotas Alentejo Red Wine 750ML
Vaqueira Vinho Tinto 750ML
Vila Santa Red 750ML
Vila Santa White 750ML
Vinha Da Coutada Velha 750ML
Vinha Da Tapada Red Wine 750ML
Vinha Do Monte Red Wine 750ML
Visconde De Borba Garrafeira 750ML
Visconde De Borba Red Wine 750ML
Visconde De Borba Reserva Red 750ML
Visconde De Borba White Wine 750ML

Alandra Rose

XXVI Talhas - Mestre Daniel Tinto-Red 2021

XXVI Talhas - Mestre Daniel Branco-White 2021

XXVI Talhas - TInto Do Tareco Red 2022

XXVI Talhas - Branco Do Tareco White 2022