Simões Azeitão DOP

Simões DOP Azeitão is an artisanal gourmet cheese of exceptional quality, crafted to satisfy the discerning palate. This cheese boasts a medium-level flavor profile with a subtle acidity at the finish, having undergone a minimum aging period of 20 days. Throughout this maturation process, the cheeses are diligently rotated daily and cleaned as needed, ensuring a consistently smooth and pristine rind.

This cheese makes for an excellent appetizer before any meal and is a delightful choice for serving your guests and friends on those special occasions.


“Since 1992, I have dedicated my life to perfecting the art of curing azeitão cheese, it is with great pride that I now present to you our DOP AZEITÃO with ideal buttery flavor and an unmistakable taste with a new look”


To fully experience its sensory, aromatic, flavorful, and textural qualities, this cheese should be served at room temperature.

Place the cheese on a suitable surface, and for an indulgent experience, cut it in half to savor the gradual transformation of its velvety, creamy interior. Following this, proceed to slice it into smaller portions and serve. If you plan to consume it promptly, you can open the cheese by removing its top "cover" and serve it with a spoon for a truly delightful presentation.

Package Contains: Approximately 1/2 pound.