Victor Guedes Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Victor Guedes Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high-quality, premium olive oil that boasts a unique texture and a rare complexity of flavors. This oil is made with a special selection of olives that are carefully picked and processed to retain the natural flavors and aromas. The oil has a distinctive taste and aroma that is characterized by notes of leaf, coffee, green fruit, artichoke, and fig leaf. This oil is ideal for use in high-end culinary creations, such as seasoning mixed grilled vegetables or as a base for a meat or fish stew fricassée. The oil's rich flavor and aromatic complexity make it a memorable addition to any dish, and it's a perfect oil for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Maximum Acidity: 0.4%

Tasting Sensations: Leaf, Coffee, Green Fruit, Artichoke, Fig Leaf

Please note, Gallo in the United States is branded as Victor Guedes.

Package Contains: 750 mL