Victor Guedes Olive Oil

Victor Guedes Olive Oil is an oil that is created by Gallo with the goal of providing healthier and tastier cooking options. This oil is made with a blend of carefully selected olives that are processed to retain the natural flavors and aromas. The oil has a delicate, yet distinctive taste and aroma. It is perfect for flavoring with aromatic herbs, citruses, spices, or cinnamon sticks, which enriches the taste of your fried, grilled or baked dishes. The oil's balanced flavor profile makes it versatile and perfect for a variety of dishes. The oil is suitable for everyday use, and it's an excellent choice for those looking to add more flavor and healthy fats to their meals.

Maximum Acidity: 1%

Please note, Gallo in the United States is branded as Victor Guedes.

Package Contains: 750 mL