Tricana Sardines with Lemon

Tricana Sardines with Lemon are a deliciously unique combination of flavors. These sardines are hand-packed by the experienced team at Conserveira de Lisboa, made from fully mature fish, and carefully seasoned with a thin slice of lemon. The lemon adds a bright and refreshing touch to the rich and oily taste of the sardines, making for a truly distinct and delicious taste experience. Packed in high-quality olive oil, these sardines are a delicacy that is rich in flavor and packed with healthy omega-3s.

The Tricana brand, a registered trademark of Conserveira de Lisboa since 1942, guarantees the highest quality and authenticity of taste. Tricana is dedicated to providing our customers with a taste of true Portuguese flavor and a sophisticated, modern image that reflects the gastronomic heritage of Portugal.

Net Weight: 120g / 4.2 oz.