Tomelo Air Freshener and Diffuser - Cachico de Pau

This small piece of wood results from the use of branches of trees from pruning and clearing of forests for the purpose of preventing forest fires.

The wood is then dried and crafted to the cachico de pau (small piece of wood).

It can be of different sizes, with bark or without bark, darker or lighter, depending on the wood and hands of the artisan.

The type of wood used depends on the availability of wood. They can be made of olive wood, boxwood, ash, cherry, holm oak, willow, juniper or oak.

Product 100% BIO. No chemical additives and no electricity.

This product has to be used in conjunction with an essential oil. Tomelo essential oils come from organic agriculture.

How to use:
Put a few drops of essential oil on the wood. Allow to soak and place the air freshener in the desired location. After a few minutes the aroma of the oil begins to be released, perfuming the environment pleasantly. This air freshener is ideal for use in the car, in drawers, chests or cabinets.

Composition: 100% wood

Dimensions: 3in x 0.5in