The Original Tinned Fish Candle

A delightful twist on conventional candle aesthetics. Housed in an authentic sardine tin, this hand-poured soy candle captures a touch of nautical whimsy while serving as a truly unique decor piece. Like the real thing, you peel the lid back to reveal the candle which is always a suprise with random colored fish.

Made from high-quality, eco-friendly soy wax, it burns cleanly and evenly with a light scent of ocean breeze and sea salt. Each candle has a different color scheme of fish.

**WARNING** When lit for more than a few hours, the tin can get can very hot. We recommend letting it cool before moving it and using a heat protective coaster underneath.

Please note: Despite the playful packaging, this product does not produce a fishy aroma. Enjoy a neutral scent of ocean breeze and sea salt, creating a cozy atmosphere without overwhelming your space with fragrance.

Package Contains: One 4 oz. Original Tinned Fish Candle