Terrafina Sail Oval Servings - Set of 4

Sail is much more than a collection, it's Terrafina - stoneware by ceramirupe’s diary  from a sailing trip around the world. A nature lovers journey through the blues of the sea and sky and the sea foam cast by breaking waves.

It’s a free-spirited collection that carries with it the memories of times lived in the vastness of the ocean, under uncontrollable winds and with the sweet scent of the sea that remains eternally etched in our memory. 

No matter how many trips we make and how many souvenirs we bring, this will always be one of the most beautiful ways to surprise someone we love, offering them a collection that smells of sea and freedom.

Porcelanic stoneware. Reactive glazes.

Dimensions: ø 106 x 140 x 95 mm