Terrafina Dark Blue Flower Seeds Salad Plate - Set of 4

Never underestimate the power of a planted seed. From these small, unpretentious grains, sprout some of Nature’s most awesome and colourful masterpieces. Many of them present themselves in the form of flowers and come in variety of different shapes, sizes, aromas and colours. It’s this diversity that has served as inspiration for this TERRAFINA – stoneware by ceramirupe colourful collection. This new and versatile ensemble of stoneware items allow you to set your table using your favourite colour only or if you’re feeling more creative, mix and match the available colours to sow a more cheerful and unique table.
Even seeds of the same flower species differ from one another so these differences are also present on TERRAFINA items. The Nature of each item’s shape and colour will be determined by each individual piece.

Porcelanic stoneware. Reactive glazes.

Dimensions: ø 220 x 22 mm