Special Edition of Queijo São Jorge DOP 30 Months

The special edition of Queijo São Jorge DOP 30 months launched by Uniqueijo and LactAçores, marks the celebration of 30 years of history of Confraria do Queijo São Jorge in favour of this mythical cheese. This scientific and cultural association aims to preserve, dignify and promote the authenticity and quality of the São Jorge cheese DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), one of the most emblematic cheeses of the country, made exclusively in São Jorge island for nearly 500 years. The Confraria do Queijo São Jorge has the responsibility to proceed with the certification of the cheeses produced by all the producers of the Demarcated Region, being a Private Control and Certification Organism (OPC) through a panel of tasters duly qualified, trained and monitored, to ensure the accuracy and quality of the PDO product.

Produced at Uniqueijo - União de Cooperativas Agrícolas de Lacticínios de S. Jorge, UCRL, and marketed by LactAçores, the limited edition Queijo São Jorge DOP 30 months of aging, presents an intense aroma and slightly spicy flavour, characteristic of its prolonged aging, obtained from raw cow's milk, salt and rennet.

Package Contains: 1 Pre-sliced Wedge - Approximately 0.60 lb.