Silampos Supreme Essence Stockpot

Experience the ultimate in cooking performance with the Silampos Supreme Essence Stockpot. This premium product is more than just a cooking tool, it's an experience that allows you to become a chef in your own home. With its elegant design and high-quality stainless steel construction, it's a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The handle elements feature a copper colored coating for added style and durability.

The Multidisc technology used in the construction of this stockpot allows for the advantages of the thermal base to extend to the entire body of the pot, resulting in uniform heat distribution and longer temperature retention. This high-performance design guarantees faster cooking times and energy savings.

Suitable for use on all stovetops, it is also dishwasher safe up to 60ºC. Made in Portugal, this stockpot is a response to excellence in aesthetic, functional and technical quality for the most demanding consumers.

Diameter: 20 cm
Height: 12,4 cm
Capacity: 3,8 Liters (4 Persons)