SerraMel Honey with Propolis

In 1898, Jorge de Almeida Lima began his beekeeping journey by acquiring and operating his first beehives at Quinta do Lameiro in S. Domingos de Benfica, Lisbon. Then, in 1974, his great-great-grandchildren, seeking to revive the old hives, embarked on beekeeping themselves. They initially started at Quinta do Lameiro and later, from 1979, expanded to Serra da Malcata, establishing their company in Penamacor.


Propolis is derived from the collection of resins by bees from tree shoots. Its constituents fall under the category of flavonoids. It is the presence of these substances that gives propolis its primary properties, which include bactericidal, bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, and anesthetic effects. Honey infused with Propolis (containing 3% propolis) is recommended for conditions such as respiratory issues, mouth ulcers, and skin or mucous membrane injuries.


Package Contains: 300g