SerraMel Pure Honey From Portugal

Pure wild lavender honey made in Portugal.

The color is beautiful, amber and the total absence of any fluctuations, stains or crystals is noticeable. The aroma is delicate and floral, with flower and rose pollen emerging. The flavor is also delicately floral, with a slight acidity at the end.
There is a distinct lavender flavor, although not very noticeable in its rich sweetness. A really lovely floral honey, although the powerful sweetness outweighs the more subtle notes.

 An admirable amber tone against the light. The aroma has delicate floral notes and a light beeswax base perfume. The texture characteristics are absolutely perfect and help to perceive the sweet floral flavors of the lavender. It is a delicate and pleasant rosemary honey.

Package Contains: 500GR / 17.6 OZ