SerraMel Heather Honey

In 1898, Jorge de Almeida Lima began his beekeeping journey by acquiring and operating his first beehives at Quinta do Lameiro in S. Domingos de Benfica, Lisbon. Then, in 1974, his great-great-grandchildren, seeking to revive the old hives, embarked on beekeeping themselves. They initially started at Quinta do Lameiro and later, from 1979, expanded to Serra da Malcata, establishing their company in Penamacor.

The stunning Serras de Portugal not only exhibit immense beauty but also harbor an abundance of honey-producing plants, resulting in some of the finest honey available in the country.

The Algarve mountains are particularly rich in lavender flowers (Lavandula stoechas) and some heather. In the central Portuguese mountains, such as Serra da Malcata, heather (Erica umbellata) and heather (Erica australis), chestnut trees, and lavender dominate the lower slopes. Meanwhile, in the northern mountains, heather prevails.

The mountains of central and northern Portugal are where the Mel de Urzes honey variety is produced, characterized by its dark color, intense aroma, and sweet taste with bitter notes.


Package Contains: 300g