Santa Catarina Gourmet Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil and Rosemary

Santa Catarina's gourmet line of tuna. Delicious and sustainably fished by "Pole & Line", skipjack tuna fillet from São Jorge, Açores with rosemary and olive oil.

"Pole & Line" fishing is an artisanal method that is sustainable and requires the skill of the fishermen from São Jorge Island. They use binoculars to locate the presence of tuna and then turn off their engines and use showers to mimic the escape of small fish that the tuna feeds on. This hides the fishermen from the tuna's view. After, they cast bait to attract the school and begin fishing. This method of fishing is selective, avoiding harm to other species and smaller fish, and is considered eco-friendly because the fisherman can choose the fish to be caught. Unlike commercial trawling, "Pole & Line" fishing allows for responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

Package Contains: 120g