Saloio Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Saloio Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high-quality olive oil that is produced from a selection of the youngest and freshest olives. This oil is characterized by its intense, harmonious, and persistent flavor. The oil has a fresh and fruity aroma, with a moderately bitter flavor and spicy finish. This oil is made with a special blend of olives that are carefully picked and processed to retain the natural flavors and aromas. The oil's unique flavor profile makes it perfect for use as a finishing oil for salads, pasta, and other dishes, or for cooking and baking. The oil is also great for use in marinades and dressings. The oil's intense, harmonious and persistent flavor makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life and are looking for a high-quality, premium olive oil to add to their culinary creations.

- 500ml