Saloio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Galega Variety

Saloio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Galega Variety is a high-quality olive oil that is produced solely from olives of the Galega variety. This variety is known for its smooth aromas and predominantly sweet flavor with a prominent apple note. The Galega variety is one of Portugal's oldest olive varieties and is widely grown in the Alentejo region. This oil is a monovarietal oil, meaning that the oil is made from only one variety of olive, in this case the Galega, which gives it a unique and distinctive flavor profile.

The oil is perfect for those who appreciate the original taste of olives and their innate characteristics. The oil's unique flavor profile makes it perfect for use as a finishing oil for salads, pasta, and other dishes, or for cooking and baking. It is an excellent choice to help prepare stews, broths, and soups, adding a rich and fruity flavor to the dishes. Also, it is ideal to add to grilled fish and game, enhancing the natural flavors of the dishes.

Acidity: 0.5

Package Contains: 500 ml