Rosmaninho Clássico Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ML

Rosmaninho Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high-quality olive oil that is extracted from Verdeal, Madural and Cobrançosa olives. These olives are carefully selected and processed to retain their natural flavors and aromas. The oil has a ripe fruit aroma of ripe olives, with notes of almonds and some green tones and other fruits. It has a bitter and slightly peppery taste. This oil is perfect for those who appreciate the original taste of olives and their innate characteristics. The oil's unique flavor profile makes it perfect for use as a finishing oil for salads, pasta, and other dishes, or for cooking and baking. The oil's balanced flavor profile makes it suitable for different types of cuisine and it's an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile oil that can be used in many dishes.

0.5% acidity. 

Package Contains: 750ML