Quintal Dos Açores Honey

Quintal Dos Açores Honey is a premium honey made from the nectar of wildflowers grown on the Azorean islands.

This honey is carefully crafted to bring out the full flavor of the wildflowers, resulting in a unique and complex flavor that is sweet and delicate. It is perfect for those who appreciate natural and authentic flavors. It can be enjoyed as a natural sweetener in your favorite hot drinks, spread on toast, or as an ingredient in desserts.

Quintal dos Açores is a brand of homemade jams and preserves from the Azores region of Portugal. It is a small family business that uses traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients to create unique and flavorful products. They are based in Candelária and focus on showcasing the flavors of their local area.

Package Contains: 250 gr / 9 oz.