Premium Olive Oil Gift Set

Introducing our Premium Portuguese Olive Oil Gift Set, a selection crafted for discerning palates and culinary connoisseurs alike. Featuring three bottles of exquisite extra virgin olive oils sourced from Portugal's renowned regions: Alentejo and Tras-os-Montes. All three bottles are from the most recent 2023 harvest.

Metáfora Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Introducing a millennial blend of olive oil, exclusively sourced from centenary and millennial olive trees, primarily "verdeal" olives, boasting a green, bitter, and spicy flavor essential for Mediterranean dishes, meticulously cold-pressed the same day of harvesting to ensure unparalleled freshness with acidity at 0.2 and a peroxide value of 5, containing varieties including "verdeal," "cobrançosa," "madural," ideal for cold seasoning and cooking alike.

Angélica Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Angélica olive oil, sourced from ancient olive trees in Monte de Manantiz de Baixo, Moura, Alentejo, Portugal, offers a fruity, slightly bitter, and spicy flavor profile with a maximum acidity of 0.2%. Produced within hours of harvest, it is a cold-pressed, extra virgin oil ideal for gourmet cuisine, including dishes like strawberry desserts. Named in homage to the strong matriarch Angélica Rosa da Silva, the bottle exudes a retro charm, reflecting her legacy in managing Manantiz hill's olive production. With roots deeply intertwined with Portuguese tradition, Angélica olive oil is a versatile culinary delight, perfect for dipping, seasoning meats or seafood, and even drizzling over desserts like orange slices with honey.

Pintassilgo Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Pintassilgo Extra Virgin Olive Oil originates from the rainfed olive grove of Santo Aleixo, Monforte, in Portugal's Alto Alentejo region, predominantly featuring the resilient Galega olive variety. Hand-picked at peak maturity, its production employs solely mechanical processes to preserve the olives' natural flavors and aromas, resulting in a fresh, intense aroma and a well-balanced taste with a mild bitter and spicy finish. Despite potential sediment due to being unfiltered, its superior quality makes it ideal for both finishing and cooking, enhancing the flavors of salads, pasta, meats, and fish alike.

Experience some of Portugal's finest olive oils, where quality meets excellence in every bottle.