Poveira Solid Tuna in Vegetable Oil

Packed with only the finest tuna for canning. Our cannery covers the tuna in delicious vegetable oil, ensuring top-notch quality and flavor.

Poveira stands as the pioneer and sole Portuguese canned food label that derives entirely from MSC approved fish sources, a hallmark of sustainable fishing practices.

The assortment of canned goods from Poveira stands as a testament to their resolute dedication to sustainability. Every fish product carrying this brand bears the distinguished blue MSC seal, an internationally recognized emblem signifying adherence to sustainable fishing guidelines as certified by the MSC organization.

Poveira distinguishes itself as a brand with an exceptional identity that pays homage to the women of Póvoa do Varzim. These women infuse each tin can with their profound care and affection, a hallmark of Poveira's unique character.

Package Contains: 120g