Portuguese Sausage Sampler

Not sure of which sausage to try? Try our sausage sampler!

Portugalia Marketplace Portuguese Sausage Sampler includes:

1 - Chourico Caseiro

A homestyle type of Portuguese cured sausage made with 100% pork and a blend of spices. Chourico caseiro is ready to eat or can be grilled, roasted, or add added to meals to enhance the dish. (1 Chourico is approximately 0.80 lb.)

1 - Morcela

A Portuguese black pudding sausage also known as blood pudding. Unbelievably rich and flavorful with the perfect amount of spice and a great source of iron. (1 Morcela is approximately 0.75 lbs.)

2 - Farinheira

A Portuguese smoked sausage with a tangy and doughy texture, cured in oak firewood to give the farinheira its golden tone and flavor. (2 Farinheira is approximately 0.66 lbs.)

2 - Alheira

A type of Portuguese sausage made with a variety of meats and bread. Traditionally grilled or roasted and served with boiled vegetables. (2 Alheira is approximately 1 lb.)

1 - Salpicao

A traditional smoked Portuguese sausage that is ready to eat. (1 Salpicao is approximately 1 lb.)

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