Portugallo Flaming Hot Sauce

Canadian Brand. Portuguese Roots. Since 2014, Portugallo™ Sauces has been sharing their Chef inspired authentic Portuguese flavours, exclusively made in Canada. Inspired by the love of food in a family owned and operated Portuguese Churrasqueira (Portuguese BBQ Chicken Restaurant), Portugallo™ Sauces became a popular choice to pair with traditional Portuguese dishes, including the Churrasqueira’s very own Charcoal Grilled BBQ Chicken. It didn’t take long for customers to start requesting Portugallo™ Sauces as a condiment (sandwiches, burgers, wraps), dip (fries, bread, shrimp), or a general go-to sauce to compliment all of their meals. Portugallo™ Sauces offer the perfect balance of flavour and heat and make a great addition to all of your culinary adventures and a well balanced diet. Our sauces are gluten free, sugar free, low sodium, low fat, and low carbs.

Portugallo Flaming Hot Sauce tastes best on chicken! Portugallo Flaming Hot Sauce is excellent for grilling, sauté, marinade, meat, sandwiches, dipping, wings, burgers, stews, ribs, eggs, pizza, fish, poutine, pasta, soups ... the possibilities are endless!

Package Contains: 12 fl. oz.