Pasteis Brasão Torres Pasteis de Feijão

Brasão Torres Pasteis de Feijão (bean pastry) is a traditional and delicious regional pastry from Torres Vedras, Portugal. Made with noble ingredients, including egg yolks, almonds, and white beans, this pastry has a unique and characteristic flavor that sets it apart from others. Its creamy and delicate texture makes it an excellent option for a dessert or afternoon tea. The city of Torres Vedras is known for its delicious pastries and Brasão Torres Pasteis de Feijão are a must-try for any pastry lover visiting or looking for a taste of the region.

Made with traditional recipe and high-quality ingredients, these pastries are imported directly from Torres Vedras, ensuring an authentic experience and flavor. Try it today and experience the delicious taste and satisfying texture of Brasão Torres Pasteis de Feijão, a traditional Portuguese delicacy.


Package Contains: 6 Queijadas