O Melhor do Ribatejo Flavored Salt Flower - 40g

A careful selection of the best herbs and seasonings, combined with fine, white and crystalline fleur de sel, collected by hand in the salt flats of Rio Maior. Perfect as a final seasoning to enhance every culinary creation.

Package Contains; 40g of flavored fleur de sel (12 different flavors available)

- Thyme (pork, marinated fish, stews)
- Rosemary (pork, marinated fish, stews)
- Coriander (pasta, salads, sauces)
- Citrus, lavender, oregano (salads, cheeses, meat, fish, rice)
- Oregano (pasta, salads, sauces)
- Three peppers (meat)
- Pepper, garlic, onion (meat, cheese)
- Fennel, savory, pink pepper (baked fish, baked fish, salads)
- Herbs, piri-piri (meat, seafood)
- Chives (meat, cheese)
- Sweet peppers, bay leaf (meat)
- Olives, garlic, bay leaf (pasta, salad, cheese)