Mondega Gourmet Natural Spicy Quince Sauce

Our recipe for this natural quince spicy sauce embodies simplicity, crafted exclusively for connoisseurs of exquisitely refined gastronomy. Within our blend of exotic flavors, intertwined with modern Portuguese culinary expertise, we have pursued delectable textures and an elegance that will enchant your taste buds. Following an extended period of maceration, we meticulously choose the ideal chili peppers. With the same fervor and the ever-evolving Mondega spirit, we expertly blend them, infusing subtle sweetness to fashion this spicy sauce. This harmonious fusion thrives within a personalized package, tailored just for you. From appetizers to desserts, contemplate pairing this Mondega sauce, for instance, with a velvety foie-gras terrine, aged cheeses complemented by a superbly complex white wine, succulent roasted poultry, or even as a sumptuous accompaniment to sautéed cognac-infused apples, served just before indulging in a luxurious cinnamon ice cream topping.

Package contains: 2 x130 ml