Metáfora Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This bottle is a metaphor for “saudade”, for the devotion and respect for the land we inherited. We proudly present a millennial blend, made exclusively from centenary and millennial olive trees. Extracted primarily from “verdeal” olives, our olive oil is remarkable for its green, bitter and spicy flavor, making it an imperative seasoning in any Mediterranean dish. Our olives are carefully selected and cold pressed the very day that they are picked from our trees, ensuring a perfectly fresh olive oil with the lowest acidity level and a flawless peroxide value.

Varieties: mostly “verdeal”, also contains “cobrançosa”, “madural” and other typical varieties from the area.

Use: Ideally for cold seasoning, can also be used for cooking.

Acidity: 0.13

Peroxide Value: 5

Package Contains: 500 ml