Luz Editions x Companhia Portugueza do Chá Barro Negro - O Jardim de Fujian Candle

O JARDIM DE FUJIAN / THE FUJIAN GARDEN is a natural scented candle with the fragrance of the citrus white tea from China 

The cool garden, still full of dew, dances between a thousand little white flowers…Flowers of orange trees, magnolias and white nards..They all perfume the fresh morning atmosphere… The air is purer and exudes scents of citron, verbena and lemongrass…Citrus aromas join the tea, the harvest can begin...

A collection of unique tea-scented candles.

To create this unique collaborative line, three impeccable teas were selected by Sebastian Filgueiras, tea sommelier and founder of the Companhia Portugueza do Chá. Each candle features pure and natural tea fragrances in a handmade black clay pot. The post is created using the ancient soenga method, which is currently only practiced in two Portuguese villages.

Products details:

This collection of candles is dressed in a pot in barro negro. The clay of the containers is the result of a cooking process which finds its origins in an ancestral practice: the soenga practiced in only 2 villages of Portugal.

The characteristic of the black or mirrored color of the clay is explained by the type of reductive firing in a wood-fired oven, which consists in preventing the entry of oxygen in the last stage of firing. Thanks to this process, the parts become completely black and waterproof.

The barro negro is not glazed, for this reason we suggest you always use the lid or other support under the candle when it burns.

Each container is handmade one by one and never has the same black colouring or the same finish. Each piece is therefore imperfect and unique.


Net Weight: 200 gr / 7.05 oz
Gross Weight: 545g

Burn time: approximatively 40 hours