Luças Stuffed Squids in Mediterranean Sauce

Luças Stuffed Squids in Mediterranean Sauce is a must-have in every kitchen pantry. Hand-selected and prepared according to traditional Portuguese methods, the squids are stuffed and then simmered in a mouth-watering Mediterranean sauce. The sauce used in this product is a blend of high-quality ingredients, including classic flavors like olive oil, onion, tomato and a blend of spices.

For those who enjoy snacking or want to try a new twist on traditional Portuguese dishes, Luças Stuffed Squids are a versatile and delicious option.

With over 120 years of experience, Luças only sources the finest seafood from the ideal waters of Portugal, known for their optimal temperature, location, and diverse species mix. Like a fine port wine, these stuffed squids only get better with age, providing a truly extraordinary taste experience.

Net Weight: 115g / 4 oz.