Luças Paté Wood Box

At LUÇAS, they have been working, for over 120 years, with the real and authentic Portuguese sardines (Sardina pilchardus ) caught in the Atlantic, according to the traditional Portuguese method, being subsequently selected and prepared by hand, one by one, to be pre-cooked, steamed and only then canned together with the most varied ingredients, drizzled with different sauces or, simply, with olive oil.

The temperature of the currents, the geographic location, and the mixture of species are some of the explanations that confirm that, in the waters of Portugal live the best fish in the world.

LUÇAS Premium Portuguese Canned Fish are like Port Wine: they improve over time, turning what is excellent into a sublime experience. Taste the excellence that a century of experience of the oldest and most refined Portuguese brand of Premium Gourmet Fish Preserves can offer you.

We have Luças for almost everyone's taste, using traditional recipes, but also trying new flavors, with the mastery of 100 years of experience and with the best Portuguese fish.

Package Contains 6 different Luças Paté:

1 - Sardine Paté

1 - Spiced Sardine Paté

1 - Tuna Paté

1 - Spiced Tuna Paté

1 - Mackerel Paté

1 - Spiced Mackerel Paté