Jose Gourmet Spiced Octopus in Olive Oil

Jose Gourmet is a brand that places a strong emphasis on preserving heritage and tradition through its high-quality tinned fish products. The company is committed to using top-notch ingredients and ensuring that the quality of its conservas is never compromised. In fact, the quality of their products is the driving force behind their entire operation. To ensure that the brand's values are accurately reflected in its visual identity, Jose Gourmet enlisted the expertise of designer Luis Mendonça, who has been responsible for the company's design and art direction. 

The octopus is an exquisite mollusk renowned for its unique texture and tenderness. Our offering is a delectable, spicy version of this delicacy, freshly caught in the Atlantic Ocean and infused with piri piri for an irresistible taste that will make you crave it with every sunset.

Once, there was an octopus who longed for more excitement in his life. Despite being part of a diverse biological family, he felt limited by his identity as an octopus. He yearned to add some magic to his monotonous existence, and it seems his wish was granted.

Package Contains: 120g