Jose Gourmet Spiced Calamari in Ragout Sauce

Jose Gourmet is a brand that places a strong emphasis on preserving heritage and tradition through its high-quality tinned fish products. The company is committed to using top-notch ingredients and ensuring that the quality of its conservas is never compromised. In fact, the quality of their products is the driving force behind their entire operation. To ensure that the brand's values are accurately reflected in its visual identity, Jose Gourmet enlisted the expertise of designer Luis Mendonça, who has been responsible for the company's design and art direction. 

Flavored with spices, pepper, cloves and laurel, the simplicity of this recipe guarantees the quality and freshness of the fish. Coming from the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the squid selected to make this stew offer the nutrients needed for the well-being and health of the body. For those who have tried it and for those who have never tasted it, this delicious delicacy is essential.

A squid wanted to be a painter. She widened her eyes and painted everything she saw. But, as soon as she finished painting, it changed color and blended in with her painting. That's why no one saw her at the exhibitions.

Package Contains: 120g