Hardy Quarter Smoked Salmon


One of Portugal's best-kept secrets

Hardy's cold smoked salmon is entire handcrafted, using only the freshest salmon loins, the finest local sea salt and a special secret blend of wood chips which is part of the original recipe.

It is a long last process which cannot be rushed.

Every salmon is carefully treated. From the salting to smoking, every step is exPortugalia Marketplaceecuted with perfection resulting in a high quality product, balanced in flavors with unmatchable textures.

Hardy is an experience. A product that binds together history, adventure, tradition, locality, fusion and innovation.

Whether grown in the cold Norwegian sea or on the shores of the wild Scottish coast, what matters is quality. Our Salmon grows under careful respect for its kind and for the environment. The best waters combined with healthy food ensure a safe and valuable product which is the keystone for our philosophy. It is of upmost importance that we know our fish.

The sea salt we use is produced in a local family business Saline. It reflects our own history and guarantees the best curing process for our 1st step, hand-filleting and dry-salting.

Our oak wood chips come from experienced Coopers, with whom we have established a cultural connection. We both understand the incredible aromas pure wood passes onto wines and smoked fish. Beech wood comes from Germany, the best supplier ever.

A slow smoking process under 20ºC is the final step for the perfect balance between flavor and texture. The low fat content remaining in the fish is just about enough to capture those subtle roasted notes which make every bite an experience, different from anything else you have tried before.

The traditional recipe is the key to our success. Its uniqueness enables our packaging to prolong the shelf time up to 60 days after leaving our kilns.

Our salmon has a shelf life of about 10 days if left open in the fridge...but it won't last that long!  

Package contains: 500g