Good Boy Salmon Paste

Created in 1950, Good Boy was a creation of António Jacinto Ferreira for the portfolio of brands of his company Ferreira Júnior & Irmãos, Lda (company that he created for himself and his children). Four years later, with the foundation of Conserveira do Sul, this and other brands "migrated" to this new company of António Jacinto Ferreira.65 years after its creation, Good Boy returns in 2015, the "face" of the brand remains the same, that of Jorge Ferreira (António Jacinto Ferreira's youngest son). There is an intrinsic theme to the whole concept of this new release, we try to revive the memories stored within each of us from our childhood days, when we were all "a Good Boy". How many of us didn't have a yo-yo or spinning top as a "best friend", or were an "ace" of the marbles and paper kite? So in each of the Good Boy products we recall an old toy or a traditional game. 

 Package contains 65g