Enameled Iron Deep-frier with Basket

Experience traditional Portuguese cooking with our enameled iron deep-frier with basket. This pan is made from high-quality enameled iron and features a stainless steel deep-frying basket, making it perfect for frying a variety of foods. The enamel finish not only provides a sleek and attractive look but also makes it easy to clean. The pan is also suitable for use on all stovetops, including gas, electric and induction. The included basket allows you to easily lower and lift food out of the hot oil, and it also allows for quick and easy draining of excess oil. This classic and traditional deep-frier and basket set is perfect for any kitchen and a great way to add a touch of Portuguese culture to your cooking.

Small: 8in x 3in 

Medium: 10in x 3.25in 

Large: 11in x 3.75in