Côvo Reserva Goat Cheese

It is a buttery cheese, cured, with semi-hard or hard paste, white in color. It has an intense and accentuated flavor and aroma.

The reserve cheese undergo a specific maturation process. This maturation culminates in a final organoleptic test by our cheesemakers who will assess whether this batch will be reserve. Only the batches that show special requirements, in terms of the texture of the paste, rind, aroma and flavor, will be worthy of bearing the name Reserve.

Eat alone, with bread and jam or marmalade, or with fruit. At meals, we suggest serving as a starter or dessert. In cooking, it can accompany a salad or a pasta, grated. It can be accompanied by white port wine or a white table wine, fresh and young.

Package Contains: Approximately 0.5 lb.