Corretora Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil - 775g

Corretora Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil are traditionally hand packed right in the Azores. 

Tuna fillets, due to the small quantities on the market, are a rare food product of exceptional quality derived from the delicate treatment. Tuna fillets are whole tuna steaks, the integrity of which must be ensured by the refrigeration processes and above all in the individualized treatment to which they must be subjected; it is a handcrafted process, it has to be, the fillets are introduced in the packaging manually, one by one, otherwise the fillet would be damaged.

The tuna thus preserved, cooked and sealed in an airtight package which is then subjected to heat in addition to the salt, oil or olive oil, has no preservatives, coloring, emulsifiers or any other additives.

Package Contains: 775g