Corretora Solid Tuna in Olive Oil - 375g

Corretora Solid Tuna in Olive Oil

Our canned tuna is a food made from the muscular mass of the various species of thunnus fish. The tuna thus preserved, in a hermetically sealed package, in addition to salt, oil or olive oil, has no preservatives, coloring, emulsifiers or any other additives.

Like any other fish, canned tuna is an important food since it is rich in several essential nutrients; proteins of excellent quality which means that it is very good for the growth and maintenance of tissues; if it is fat tuna it has healthy fats of the best quality existing in nature, special polyunsaturated fats, so-called fats -3, protective of the arteries, of the joints, with properties to stimulate the immune system; it is rich in iron, an iron easily absorbed at the intestinal level; rich in zinc essential for the growth and cofactor of one of the antioxidant compounds endogenously synthesized, rich in calcium, B vitamins and vitamin D.

Package Contains: 375g