Casa Cubista Mug - Style 1

Casa Cubista presents a modern take on traditional craft, made in the towns and villages of rural Portugal. We think it's handmade that makes a home. We believe it's handmade that makes a home. Let's celebrate the perfectly imperfect, handcrafted with care using skills handed down across generations.

Dimensions: 110mm x 70mm 

Meet the Makers

Product Care Information:

Our traditional handcrafted terracotta collection requires more care and attention than machine-made products.

The glaze, though solid, has pinholes in the surface that occur during the firing process.

On the other hand, when terracotta clay is fired it releases a very large amount of water and becomes very dry and porous and it retains much moisture.
Washing, drying and using the product reestablishes some of the natural humidity within the clay and aids in 'sealing' the product.  

As you may read in the Important Product Care Information, if using a vase to hold flowers, please change the water daily and protect delicate surfaces that may be affected by watermarks.

Some marks in the glaze are natural and expected, as is some crazing. This will not affect the use or durability of the pieces.

This is normal, and will decrease over time and with continued use (by washing the pieces and allowing them to fully air dry between uses). 

For long-term storage, please ensure the pieces are completely dry before putting them away. 

In this case, we recommend storing pieces upside-down in a well-ventilated area.

All of our pottery must be fully washed with hot soapy water before first use and allowed to air dry. 

This is the start of 'sealing' the product, and skipping this first step is initially where problems can occur.

All pieces must be well rinsed and allowed to air dry completely.