Conservas Santos Whole Mackerel in Olive Oil - 10 Pack

Overstock Sale! Contains 10 units expiring 9/2025

Indulge in the rich and delicate flavor of Conservas Santos Whole Mackerel in Olive Oil. Handmade daily with fresh fish caught on the Portuguese coast, these mackerel are a natural, gluten-free, and preservative-free product. Packed in high-quality olive oil, these mackerel are a delicacy that is rich in flavor and packed with healthy omega-3s. The traditional production methods of Conservas Santos (Olhão, Algarve) ensure the highest quality and authenticity of taste. 

Conservas Santos is dedicated to providing our customers with a taste of true Portuguese flavor and a sophisticated, modern image that reflects the gastronomic heritage of Portugal and Algarve.

Net Weight: 120g x 10