Conservas Santos Paté Variety Pack

Discover the rich and delicious flavors of Portugal with Conservas Santos Portuguese Paté Variety Pack. Handmade and prepared daily with fresh fish caught on the Portuguese coast, this variety pack is a natural, gluten-free product.

The pack contains the classic Sardine, Mackerel, and Tuna pâtés, each offering a unique and authentic taste of Portugal. Perfect for any occasion, whether as an appetizer or a spread. The traditional production methods of Conservas Santos (Olhão, Algarve) ensure the highest quality and authenticity of taste.

Conservas Santos is dedicated to providing our customers with a taste of true Portuguese flavor and a sophisticated, modern image that reflects the gastronomic heritage of Portugal and Algarve.

Package Contains: 3 x 65g / 3 x 2.3 oz,