Cinco Jotas Hand-carved Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico

Authentic hand-carved Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico. An exquisite ham patiently hand-carved by master carvers. Thanks to the meticulously slow carving process, which prevents abrasions and over heating, the properties of the product remain unadulterated and delicious.

Craftsmanship and tradition that have been a hallmark of Cinco Jotas for close to 140 years.

It is a legendary brand with more than 130 years of experience conserving the purity and authenticity of the best 100% ibérico pork products in the world. The unique climate in Jabugo impacts the curing process of the ham and helps contribute to what many consider to be the most exclusive ham in the world.

Package Contains: 1.5 oz.