Chocolateria Delícia Pineapple Chocolate

Chocolateria Delícia is a company that was founded by Manuela Soares in June 1998 and it started as a gum and candy store. However, the company's interest in chocolate quickly became a passion and they began to create personalized boxes of chocolates that were individually made and unique. These chocolates were well-received and found a market in the city of Viseu. Now, the company operates a store on Avenida Alberto Sampaio nº10, which is a welcoming and delicious place that entices customers with its tempting chocolate offerings.

Chocolateria Delícia Pineapple Chocolate is a small chocolate treat that is meant to be enjoyed as a snack or dessert. It contains pineapple and chocolate flavors that can be enjoyed anytime.

Package Contains: 23g