Azcoa Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AZCOA Olive Oil is a high-quality, organic olive oil that has a Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) designation. The oil is produced mainly from the “Cobrançosa”, “Verdeal” and “Madural” olives varieties. The harvest season is between October and January, and the olives are picked up manually using long wooden sticks and also using mechanical vibration. Only olives on the tree are used, and not the ones already on the ground. This oil has a gentle almond flavor, followed by an intense flavor of fresh olives and green fields. The oil has a spicy note in the throat but not a bitter aftertaste. The organic methodologies and techniques used in the production of this oil ensures that the oil is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and it is a natural and authentic product. The oil is perfect for use as a finishing oil for salads, pasta, and other dishes, or for cooking and baking.

Package Contains: 500 mL