Ati Manel Small Scallops in Caldeirada Sauce

Ati Manel started a canning business that prospered during World War II. Generations later, his great-grandson has inherited relics related to the production and marketing of canned food from Ati Manel and renovated the graphic strategies while maintaining the spirit of his great-grandfather's time. Paying special attention to Ati Manel's notes, recipes, and relationship with producers, Ati Manel maintains the authenticity of old times. The result is the Ati Manel Cans, which seeks to combine the best current production conditions with traditional methods of preparing quality conservas.

We Connect History, Surprise, Finesse

The BBC ranked Scallops as the twenty-first most nutritious food in the world in a list of 100 foods. This is due to their high protein content, low fat content, abundance of fatty acids such as omega 3, and their rich mineral salt content. When it comes to food, it's important to discuss and share opinions, seek out the best options, uphold traditional wisdom, and offer new perspectives. Try Scallops for yourself and add your own arguments to the discussion.

A story between gifts and vernissages:

The mollusks sang in chorus, praising the Scallops and clacking their shells like castanets while looking disdainfully at their lazier relatives. Among this large family, only the Scallop's cousin, the Vieira, was a proficient swimmer and had an eye for everything. The Vieira had become famous, renowned, and globally appreciated. While traveling, it had encountered exceptional restaurants and left its mark on museums, heraldry, and private collections.

Package Contains: 120g