Ati Manel Sardines in Olive Oil with Lemon

Ati Manel started a canning business that prospered during World War II. Generations later, his great-grandson has inherited relics related to the production and marketing of canned food from Ati Manel and renovated the graphic strategies while maintaining the spirit of his great-grandfather's time. Paying special attention to Ati Manel's notes, recipes, and relationship with producers, Ati Manel maintains the authenticity of old times. The result is the Ati Manel Cans, which seeks to combine the best current production conditions with traditional methods of preparing quality conservas.

To the Eyes, Appetizing. To the Mouth, Tasteful.

While it's important to verify claims, some things are just undeniable, like the uniqueness of Sardine. This food has always been renowned for its exceptional quality and deliciousness. Sardines are a popular choice for festive occasions and are also incredibly healthy and appetizing. And let's not forget about Lemon, which adds a refreshing fragrance and flavor that's both healthy and a treat for the taste buds.

A story told in family and at the table:

In the vastness of the sea, the sardine reigns supreme. On the surface, her kingdom extends far beyond the horizon. In the depths, a world of landscapes, species, shapes, and colors awaits. But the queen sardine felt lonely and requested the company of others from different kingdoms known for their culinary expertise and the warmth of the sun. They offered her an orange, but it wasn't what she wanted. They brought her an apple, but that wasn't it either. They kept trying with different fruits, but the queen sardine remained unsatisfied. Finally, they asked if she would like a lemon, and the queen sardine smiled with delight at the imaginative suggestion.

Package Contains: 125g