Ati Manel Octopus in Garlic Sauce

Ati Manel started a canning business that prospered during World War II. Generations later, his great-grandson has inherited relics related to the production and marketing of canned food from Ati Manel and renovated the graphic strategies while maintaining the spirit of his great-grandfather's time. Paying special attention to Ati Manel's notes, recipes, and relationship with producers, Ati Manel maintains the authenticity of old times. The result is the Ati Manel Cans, which seeks to combine the best current production conditions with traditional methods of preparing quality conservas.

The beginning is Remarkable, the end, Memorable.

Imagine fighting health problems with taste and pleasure. The octopus is a great help. It helps you lose weight because it is low in calories, thin and nutritious. It helps in maintaining the level of triglycerides and cholesterol. It helps physical performance in sports, for example, because its concentration of amino acids helps in muscle and cell regeneration. It helps to keep the heart in excellent working condition, counteracting the formation of fat in the arteries, in addition to preventing strokes, hypertension, cardio-vascular accidents. Combining the useful with the pleasant is a very easy gesture: the same gesture with which we open our cans.

A story told between snacks and business:

The Octopus led a solitary life, often concealed by its discreet and camouflaged nature. Occasionally, it would reveal itself by emitting a cloud of ink into the sea water to mislead those who pursued it. People were drawn to the Octopus's admirable qualities, and it was frequently approached for partnerships. Amidst a plethora of potential partners, the Octopus ultimately chose garlic. It sensed a strong synergy with the pungent vegetable that had its roots firmly grounded in fertile soil. It was a perfect match, with the garlic complementing the Octopus's eye and the octopus adding depth to the garlic's flavor. The combination was an instant hit, and it continues to be a popular pairing today, cherished by society and widely recommended.

Package Contains: 110g