7.5 inch Galo Barcelos Traditional Hand-Crafted Metal Rooster

Galo Barcelos Traditional Hand-Crafted Rooster is approximately 7.5 inches in height. This rooster is intended to be a gift of happiness and good luck. 

Legend has it... A murder has been committed, Who did it? Some people pointed a pilgrim who was passing through the town Barcelos on the roman road to Compostela as guilty. The pilgrim declared his innocence, but he was arrested and condemned to hang. As a last favor he asked to speak to the judge again. The judge who was dining with some friends said: "There is nothing I can do!". The pilgrim, feeling abandoned by man, turned to the Saints of his faith, inspired he cried: "I am so innocent that before I die this rooster here will crow!". Everybody laughed. The feast continued, but suddenly the roasted rooster transformed and crowed! Everyone ran to the hanging place just in time to save the condemned man. Guided by faith, the pilgrim was free to continue the way to Compostela and Portuguese homes won a new mascot. The gaily painted ceramic. 

This hand-painted metal rooster is handcrafted and therefore no two roosters are identical and patterns vary.