Vinho Verde DOC

Vinho Verde

It is one of the most original and distinctive regions of Portugal, marked by an extreme Atlantic influence, in a green and humid landscape, with cool temperatures and abundant rainfall.


Covering an extensive area throughout the north-west of continental Portugal, the largest denomination in the country spans approximately 24,000 hectares, with ownership dispersed among numerous small plots, some of which are no bigger than small backyards.


Located in the extreme north of continental Portugal, the denomination is bounded to the north by the Minho river, stretching along the Atlantic coast until the city of Porto, and to the south as far as the banks of the Vouga river. The vineyards are predominantly concentrated in the valleys of the main rivers, with the soils being mainly granite, fertile to very fertile, and possessing high acidity.


The denomination is further subdivided into nine distinct sub-regions: Monção e Melgaço, Lima, Basto, Cávado, Ave, Amarante, Baião, Sousa, and Paiva. Of these, Monção e Melgaço stand out as the most unique sub-region, as it is the only one protected from the direct Atlantic influence and experiences a maritime and continental climate. This results in fuller-bodied wines with a higher alcohol content.



Unusual vineyard management techniques are a hallmark of Vinho Verde, ranging from the distinctive "enforcado vine" layout where the vines are intertwined in trees, to the pergola system (also known as "latada") and the "cruzeta", as well as the now more common simple cordon system.


Alvarinho, Arinto (known locally as Pedernã), Avesso, Azal, Loureiro, and Trajadura are the predominant white grape varieties, while Borraçal, Brancelho, Espadeiro, and Vinhão are the red varieties. The white wines are particularly known for their aromas, clarity, and refreshing qualities, and since 1999, the region has been producing sparkling wines, positioning itself as one of the most promising areas for quality sparkling wines.


Images and descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal


Offerings from Vinho Verde DOC


Adega Ponte Vinho Verde 750ML
Alvarinho Deu La Deu 
Ameal Loureiro 750ML
Ameal Loureiro 750ML
Aphros Loureiro 750ML
Aphros Vinhao 750ML
Arios Alvarinho Vinho Verde 750ML
Arios Loureiro Vinho Verde 750ML
Arios Vinhao Vinho Verde 750ML
Asnella Vinho Verde 750ML
Assinatura De Familia By Quinta De Santiago Vinho Verde 750ML
Aveleda Alvarinho White 750ML
Aveleda Fonte Vinho Verde 750ML
Aveleda Loureiro/Alvarinho White 750ML
Aveleda Parcela Do Convento White 750ML
Aveleda Parcela Do Roseira White 750ML
Aveleda Solos De Granito Alvarinho 750ML
Aveleda Solos De Xisto Alvarinho 750ML
Aveleda Vinho Verde Rose 750ML
Azahar Vinho Verde 750ML
Bico Amarelo 750ML
Broadbent Spritz Rose Whine 4X250ML
Broadbent Spritz Rose Wine In Can 250ML
Broadbent Spritz White In Can 250ML
Broadbent Vinho Verde 750ML
Broadbent Vinho Verde Rose 750ML
Campelo Rose Wine 750ML
Campelo Vinho Verde Doc 750ML
Campelo White Wine 750ML
Casa De Oleiros Azal Vinho Verde 750ML
Casa De Oleiros Lady Laura 750ML
Casa De Oleiros Pederna 750ML
Casa De Oleiros Vinhao 750ML
Casa De Oleiros Vinho Verde 750ML
Casa De Oleiros Vinho Verde Wine 750ML
Casa De Santar Dao Red 750ML
Casal Garcia Can 250ML
Casal Garcia Rose 750ML
Casal Garcia Sweet Vinho Verde 750ML
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde 375ML
Casal Mendes Vinho Verde 750ML
Ciconia Vinho Verde 750ML
Contacto Alvarinho By Anselmo Mendes Vinho Verde 750ML
Costa Do Sol Vinho Verde 750ML
Cutimenta Anselmo Mendes 750ML
Dabarca Loureiro Premium 750ML
Dabarca Vinho Verde Rose 750ML
Dabarca Vinho Verde White 750ML
Dom Diogo Alvarinho 750ML
Dom Diogo Padeiro Rose 750ML
Dom Salvador Alvarinho Vinho Verde 750ML
Expressoes White 750ML
Foral Vinho Verde 750ML
Gatao Rose 750ML
Gatao Tinto 750ML
Gatao Vinho Verde 750ML
Gazela Rose 750ML
Gazela Vinho Verde 750ML
Gazela White Wine 4X250ML
Granito Cru Alvarinho By Luis Seabra 750ML
Grao Vasco White 750ML
Jm Fonseca Twin Vines Vinho Verde 750ML
Jpr Vinho Verde Rose '15 750ML
Kopke Porto Reserve Tawny 750ML
Lab Vinho Verde  750ML
Lab Vinho Verde Rose 750ML
Lagosta Ice 750ML
Lagosta Vinho Verde Doc 750ML
Lagosta Vinho Verde Rose 750ML
Mare Alta White 750ML
Miranda Vinho Verde 750ML
Morgado Pet-Nat Vinho Verde 750ML
Muralhas Moncao Rose 750ML
Muralhas Vinho Verde 375ML
Muralhas Vinho Verde 750ML
Nieport Docil Vinho Verde 750ML
Nortico Alvarino White 750ML
Nortico Dry Rose 2020 750ML
Palacio Brejoeira Alvarinho Verde 1.5LT
Palacio Da Brejoeira 750ML
Palacio Da Brejoeira Alvarinho Verde 1.5LT
Parcela Unica Alvarinho 750ML
Parcela Unica By Anselmo Mendes Alvarinho 750ML
Pardusco Red 750ML
Passaros Escolha Verde 750ML
Passaros Loureiro Verde 750ML
Pavao Alvarinho 750ML
Pavao Rosado 750ML
Pavao Vinho Verde 750ML
Phaunus Pet Nat Rose 750ML
Phaunus Pet Nat White750ML
Phaunus-Loureiro 750ML
Ponte  Da Barca Adamado Verde 750ML
Ponte Da Barca Alvarinho Reserva 750ML
Ponte Da Barca Espumante Vinhao 750ML
Ponte Da Barca Loureiro Ge 750ML
Ponte Da Barca Rose 750ML
Ponte Da Barca Vinhao 750ML
Ponte Da Barca Vinho Tinto 750ML
Ponte De Barca Alvarinho/Loureiro Vinho 750ML
Ponte Lima Vinho Verde Rosado 750ML
Quinta Azevedo Vinho Verde  750ML
Quinta Da Raza Alvarinho 750ML
Quinta Da Raza Avesso Vinho Verde 750ML
Quinta Da Raza Branco 750ML
Quinta Da Raza Pet-Nat Rose 750ML
Quinta De Curvos Alvarinho 750ML
Quinta De Curvos Vinho Verde Superior 750ML
Quinta De Melgaco Alvarinho 750ML
Quinta De Santa Tersesa Vinho Verde 750ML
Quinta De Santiago Alvarinho White 750ML
Quinta De Santiago Cisma Vinho Verde 750ML
Quinta De Santiago Vinha Do Chapim Alvarinho 750ML
Regueiro Secreto Alvarinho Reserva 750ML
Regueiro Trajadura Alvarinho 750ML
Ruelas White 750ML
Santola Rose Wine 750ML
Santola White Wine 750ML
Soalheiro Alvarinho 750ML
Soalheiro Granit Alvarinho 750ML
Tiago Teles Raiz Red 750ML
Torre De Menagem Alvarinho 750ML
Torre De Palma Branco 750ML
Varanda Do Conde White 750ML
Via Latina Alvarinho White 75CL