Península de Setúbal DOC

Peninsula de Setúbal

Peninsula de Setúbal varies between flat, sandy areas and the more mountainous landscape of the Serra da Arrábida.


The soils in the region exhibit heterogeneity with fine, deep sands in the plains and limestone and clayey-calcareous soils in Serra da Arrábida. This area is the origin of Moscatel de Setúbal, a well-known wine in Portugal. The climate of the region is typically Mediterranean, characterized by hot, dry summers, mild but rainy winters, and high humidity. However, Serra da Arrábida benefits from a more Atlantic climate due to its high altitude and proximity to the sea. The Setúbal Peninsula includes the designations of origin "Palmela" and "Setúbal" and the geographical indication of Península de Setúbal. The name "Setúbal" is specifically reserved for Moscatel de Setúbal and Moscatel Roxo wines.


In the "Palmela" designation of origin, the red wines rely on the Castelão grape variety, which is an essential component of the appellation. This grape variety thrives in the warm and porous sandy soils of Palmela, achieving a level of complexity and depth that is difficult to replicate outside the region. The appellation also features two prominent white grape varieties, namely Arinto and Fernão Pires, and Moscatel Graúdo, which is primarily used in the fortified wines of the region. As for the red grape varieties, Castelão and Trincadeira are the predominant ones.


Images and descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal


Offerings from Peninsula de Setúbal DOC


Adega De Pegoes Red Wine 750ML
Bacalhoa Catarina Setubal Red 750ML
Bacalhoa Catarina Setubal White 750ML
Bse Branco Seco Especial By Jmf 750ML
Cabo Da Roca Red Peninsula De Setubal 750ML
Cabo Da Roca Red Setubal 750ML
Cabo Da Roca White Peninsula De Setubal 750ML
Casa Portuguesa Red 750ML
Casa Portuguesa White 750ML
Cavalo Maluco Red '12 750ML
Dona Ermelinda Red 750ML
Dona Ermelinda Reserve Red 750ML
Dona Ermelinda White 750ML
Fsf Red 750ML
Hexagon Red 750ML
Jmf Periquita 750ML
Joao Pires White 750ML
Jp Azeitao 2018 375ML
Jp Azeitao Red 750ML
Jp Azeitao Rose 750ML
Jp Azeitao White 750ML
Jpr Alvarinho Vinho Verde 750ML
Jpr Loureiro Vinho Verde '19 750ML
Jpr Portugal Vila Santa Reserva '12 750ML
Lancers Rose 1.5LT
Lancers Rose 750ML
Leo D Honor Red Wine 750ML
Pasmados Red By Jose Maria Fonseca Wine 750ML
Periquita Reserva 750ML
Piloto Collection Alfrocheiro 750ML
Piloto Collection Touriga Nacional Red 750ML
Quinta Da Bacalhoa Bacalhoa Cabernet Sauv 750ML
Quinta Do Piloto Colecao Da Familia Red 750ML
Quinta Do Piloto Extra Bruto Reserva Espumante
Quinta Do Piloto Reserva Palmela Red 750ML
Rosario Red 750ML
Rosario White 750ML
Sand Creek Moscato 750ML
Sand Creek Red Blend 750ML
Serras De Azeitao Red 750ML
Serras De Azeitao Rose 750ML
Serras De Azeitao White 750ML
Vinha Da Valentina Red 750ML
Vinhas De Algeruz Reserva By Jmf 750ML
Waterdog Red 750ML
Waterdog Reserva 2018 750ML

Waterdog White 750Ml

Periquita Red